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(Head Admin)



(Req: 1.5e+10 Stats; S-Rank Nin; 1e+13 HP)

Leaf (Hokage)
Cloud (Raikage)
Rock (Tsuchikage)
Sand (Kazekage)
Mist (Mizukage)
Rain (Amekage)
Sound (Otokage)
Blood (Ketsukage)

Org Leaders:
(Req: 2e+10 Stats; S-Rank Nin; 3e+13 HP)

Akatsuki (Akatsuki Leader)
7SM (7SM Leader)
Root (Root Leader)
Sound Org. (SO Leader)
Police Force (PF Leader)
Taka (Taka Leader)
12 Ninja Guardians(12NG)

really mecc really

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really mecc really

Post  Ayami Cross on Tue Jul 31, 2012 6:54 pm

first of all im dont do what everyone else does you know me better then that you never annouced chunin rules after you started my match so of course im going to think its still no rules. and sore loser. haha i congradulated everyone after i didnt get a scroll and blame you hahahahahaha before you start an event like find the scroll how about removing other scrolls off the game. i didnt blame anyone i call cheaters as they are
Ayami Cross

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