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(Req: 1.5e+10 Stats; S-Rank Nin; 1e+13 HP)

Leaf (Hokage)
Cloud (Raikage)
Rock (Tsuchikage)
Sand (Kazekage)
Mist (Mizukage)
Rain (Amekage)
Sound (Otokage)
Blood (Ketsukage)

Org Leaders:
(Req: 2e+10 Stats; S-Rank Nin; 3e+13 HP)

Akatsuki (Akatsuki Leader)
7SM (7SM Leader)
Root (Root Leader)
Sound Org. (SO Leader)
Police Force (PF Leader)
Taka (Taka Leader)
12 Ninja Guardians(12NG)

Unban Request

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Unban Request

Post  Kyotoshien on Tue May 15, 2012 8:32 pm

I got jailed because i was training my explosive tags and i blew myself up which repeadly killed me, then when i got bugged and the tags sent me out of jail into the spawn i tried to teleport to one of the admins to tell them in say since i was muted but then when i relogged to explain what had happened Hope banned me. I did nothing that was against the rules on the HUB so jailing me because i got killed by my own attacks and techniques over and over again isn't against the rules in any way form or fashion and i only died because i was training the tags so they'd be stronger. If that's cause for someone to be banned for strengthening their tools then the tags need to be fixed.


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