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(Req: 1.5e+10 Stats; S-Rank Nin; 1e+13 HP)

Leaf (Hokage)
Cloud (Raikage)
Rock (Tsuchikage)
Sand (Kazekage)
Mist (Mizukage)
Rain (Amekage)
Sound (Otokage)
Blood (Ketsukage)

Org Leaders:
(Req: 2e+10 Stats; S-Rank Nin; 3e+13 HP)

Akatsuki (Akatsuki Leader)
7SM (7SM Leader)
Root (Root Leader)
Sound Org. (SO Leader)
Police Force (PF Leader)
Taka (Taka Leader)
12 Ninja Guardians(12NG)


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Post  Exo on Tue Apr 02, 2013 5:11 pm

Villages in more order to increase the size of particapents in village rather than everyone begging to be in an org(like me .-.)
and also a diff clans being born into certain villages so villages are not underused
Each clan will get there own clan house where there is a npcs(food and shiz) aswell as seats
each member will be ranked by the strongest clan member(leader) what rank they will be(3rd seat of the akimichi/no boosts)

Konohagakure/Village Hidden In The Leaves/Hidden Leaf

[u]Clans Born In

Aburame Clan

Akimichi Clan

Hyuga Clan

Inuzuka Clan

Nara Clan

Sarutobi Clan

Senju Clan

Uchiha Clan

Yamanka Clan

Clan Ranks


Aburame Leader-Leader Of The Aburame- 1e+13 Hp/5e+9 stats

Aburame Higher-Ups-Elders Of The Aburame- 5e+12 hp/1e+9 stats

Aburame Member-Aburame Attack Squad(5 Members)-8e+12hp/3e+9 stats
Bug Hands(summons bugs onto your hand infecting anyone you punch


Akimichi Head-1st Head Of The Akimichi Clan(15 Heads)-1e+12 Hp/1e+9 stats(Goes up depending on the higher rank(1st is the highest)
Fat(Allows them to eat faster and allows wings to give an extra little tai boost)


Hyuga Main Branch-Hinata Clan of the Hyuga

Hyuga Side Branch-Neji side Of the Hyuga
Seal That seals your eyes so no one can steal them(comes into play after i make a suggestion for that .-.)


Inuzuka Front Line-7e+9stat/5e+12Hp
Red marks(for the yolo swag)


Nara Support Line-1e+9 stats/1e+12 hp
Kunai Attached to shadow boosts tai/nin


Senju Front Line-1e+12hp/5e+9
Get Summoning scroll that summons Weapons Tai boost


Uchiha Front Line-1e+13 hp/1e+10 stats
Gunbai Tai boost


Yamanaka Support Line-1e+12 Hp/1e+9 stats

Ino-Shika-Cho-1e+10 stats/1e+13 Hp(have to be a nara/yamanaka/akimichi
Get Earings that boost Nin/Gen

If boosts are added stats will be increased for the ranks and boosts

[b][i]Kage's Spirit/Will Of Fire/Fire Shadow's Will

The Kage must take COMPLETE AND ABSOULTE care of his villagers if the members do not like the kage they can report this to one of the lord things(heard kagura talking bout this so meh) and they will come to decisions if its just you or a group of people.

Hokage Will assign Leaders of clans

Hokage Gets a Last Stand Move(They can choose to keep this on or off)
Reaper Death Seal
User uses this before they die
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