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Banned unfairly by Amy.

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Banned unfairly by Amy.

Post  Hussein Oda on Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:13 am

In-game name: Hussein Oda v6

BYOND key name: Sharif5779

Name of GM involved: Momo (Amy)

What that GM did and why you think it is abuse: I got Ip Banned for saying that Amy would probably ban me, Niro, and Flare for speaking to her while on her period. Unless saying a person being on a period is Gm Disrespect, I feel I did nothing wrong.

1. Respect the GMs, decisions they make, and fellow players.
Punishments-Warn/Boot/Mute/Jail/Ban(Decided by an owner or co-owner)

That is the rule for Gm Disrespect, and even I did Disrespect her, I was neither booted nor Jailed. Now, knowing Sora won't do anything about Amy, all I want is to be unbanned.
Hussein Oda

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Re: Banned unfairly by Amy.

Post  XxKushina_Uzumakixx on Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:38 am

I agree the ban was unneeded, however for future references, I would advise you to drop something when told so. GM's need to keep the OOC argument free, and with players who refuse to compute this is not always easy.

So next time Amy asks you to drop something, just listen, okay? I do however, respect that you dropped it after I told you to. Though it would seem too late as Amy's ban box was up and ready.

You should be unbanned when Icy Or Sora log back in, unless of course they decide you should be banned longer, though I do not see this being the case.

Happy Gaming,


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