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Finny's ban appeal

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Finny's ban appeal

Post  Finny on Fri Jan 20, 2017 1:58 am

Hey I know my reputation in the game is already ruined for god knows how long but I'd still wish to get unbanned.
I got banned because Yusuke wanted me to share my screen and give him control so he could see what you guys are saying about him and I trusted that he's not gonna do anything bad but he got me IP banned.

I understand this was foolish of me and I understand if you guys don't want to unban me, but I really do enjoy the game and want to keep playing it and wont let that happen again.

In case you guys aren't sure if I'm Yusuke or not, you can check the IP that was banned because I'm from Finland and it wasn't a VPS and I think these forums show when a user has registered so that probably works too.

Thank you for your understanding if you do unban me and I apologize for what happened.

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