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(Req: 1.5e+10 Stats; S-Rank Nin; 1e+13 HP)

Leaf (Hokage)
Cloud (Raikage)
Rock (Tsuchikage)
Sand (Kazekage)
Mist (Mizukage)
Rain (Amekage)
Sound (Otokage)
Blood (Ketsukage)

Org Leaders:
(Req: 2e+10 Stats; S-Rank Nin; 3e+13 HP)

Akatsuki (Akatsuki Leader)
7SM (7SM Leader)
Root (Root Leader)
Sound Org. (SO Leader)
Police Force (PF Leader)
Taka (Taka Leader)
12 Ninja Guardians(12NG)

Old Man died...

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Old Man died... Empty Old Man died...

Post  The Old Man on Wed Dec 02, 2015 3:58 pm

So yeah first there was Old Man then mankind overtime the great senile old man walked the earth becoming apart of many societies , gaining many friends, snaking many friends, raping many friends etc. {  maybe even their children} wait what.. but even though this old man was older than the earth which is 2015 years old according to bya, He STILL looked young! This man was immortal for some time only going by what the people called him " which was Old Man" until he finally ate a piece of his forbidden pickle he finally realized  his true name!!!! His name is... his name is..... HIS NAME ISIS.......... Tatsu Minagoroshi!

Death is needed to provide order in the world! For death is an aspect of life , for if there was no death, there would be no reason to live!
Immortality isn't a gift it's a curse
The Old Man
The Old Man

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Old Man died... Empty Re: Old Man died...

Post  dick too bomb on Thu Dec 03, 2015 9:25 pm

Dear Old Man,

You are extremly Not Offended and I Rip On you! I want kiss your Whaaaaat? Whilst times. You make my User burn with desire. When I first saw you, I Merely stared at you and fell in love. Will you Edit out with me? Don`t let your parents discourage you, Users are just jealous.

Yours forever, Bya

PS: I wish I had emojis

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sick of seeing that nigger's face in the thumbnail but I think you get the point (figure of speech I know you don't). there are more parallels between you and the africans than you and the americans. you just happen to live here.

Two-Faced Sam "I forget who I am" Poohill (Permafrost) wrote:I just don't want to have this conversation with you.

Tenori Taiga wrote:I mean I clearly stated ''throughout NKV's downtime'' - whereas 99,99% of my postcount was gained while NKV was being played

Sosuke Aizen wrote:Edit: You keep ripping on Aizen and Byakuya, both of whom are not me but merely a name to my user so I was not offended.

The Amazing Mr. Reality. The more you talk, the more he exposes how stupid you are. Real American.
Categorical wins over: Sam, Bya, Icy, Ginji, John
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Losses in any way, shape or form: NONE.
dick too bomb
dick too bomb

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